State Financial Upgrade Project

When a 3-year, $35 million project saw more than 100 consultants come and go, we stepped in and transformed a revolving door into zero turnover.


The project replaced a U.S. state’s legacy accounting and procurement systems with the latest version of PeopleSoft. The 3-year, $35 million project included 16 PeopleSoft modules.


The project floundered from the start when the state chose the lowest bidder. The implementation partner had just finished a similar project in another state that didn’t go well. Many of the consultants from that project were brought in on this new project, which meant the same problems continued. The project’s first year saw more than 100 consultants come and go, a revolving door that left the project over budget with basically nothing to show for it.


We were brought in to stabilize the project. We provided local resources at a more reasonable rate. Consultant turnover came to a swift end. 


Our consultants were involved in requirement analysis, fit/gap analysis, technical and functional design documentation, system configuration, unit and system testing, and application support. Most of our consultants were in lead positions across both the finance and procurement areas. We were also heavily involved in chart of accounts design and implementation, as well as all aspects of low-level security access. 


The original contractor was not asked back and the state has turned directly to us for future needs. Our superior service led to the state awarding us a master service contract to provide PeopleSoft/Oracle functional and technical services. We’re continuing to help with their next PeopleSoft upgrade as well

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