Good for clients, good for consultants, good for everybody.

We’re a tech cooperative, founded by consultants for consultants. Bringing organizations and consultants together, we tackle the challenge of enterprise software and deliver exceptional information technology services. We believe that what is good for clients, is good for consultants and good for everybody.

our model

We were founded in 2004 by a group of consultants frustrated by the usual experience. They saw a better way to do business. They envisioned an organization that supported consultants, acting like a partner and not just a middleman. But more than a club for consultants, they wanted to serve clients with excellence.

By treating consultants well, we’re able to treat clients well. Our honesty, transparency and fairness attract top talent, which means better results for clients. We not only care about our clients and consultants, but we care about our community too. That’s why we give back to charity.

Our steady growth and returning clients prove the value and effectiveness of our model.

practical details

Being a co-op means we’re owned and operated by our member consultants and overseen by a volunteer board of directors. We handle business details for our consultants, including insurance, payment details, contracts and more.

We cover administrative costs with a minimal fee on top of consultants’ rates. We also donate 5 percent of net profits to charity. Any remaining profit is divided among our members. Investing in good people and in our community is good business.

New members with a proven track record of experience and skill are always welcome. Active members can nominate potential members, who are then approved by the board of directors.


We’ve delivered quality information technology services since 2004:

  • We staff roughly 100 consultants every year and maintain a network of thousands of consultants.
  • We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, higher education and state governments.
  • We’ve had five straight years with revenue around $10+ million.

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